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BIG on Details BIG On Service

Breinholt Insurance Group is your local Independent Insurance Agency with deep roots in the Arizona desert. With clients in surrounding states and abroad; our focus is organic & stable growth for our customers & carriers. What sets us apart is our passion for DETAILS and SERVICE. We also pride ourselves on the ability to provide many options to our policyholders.

Our lives are full of options and choices; which we evaluate daily to determine the best course of action for ourselves and others. The ability to choose represents freedom; to evaluate our options and make informed decisions. When our choices are limited; we can feel insecure, obstructed and forced to make hasty decisions with often undesired consequences.

At Breinholt Insurance Group we feel passionate about having options for you. We feel that you should never be “stuck” with one rate, one product, or one insurance company. This is why we embrace the Independent Agency model. We work with a wide variety of insurance companies who rely on us to write their business; all competing together for you. This not only creates options; it keeps these carriers competitive, innovative and different, all at the benefit of the policyholder (you).

We feel passionate about having options for you. You should never be "stuck" with one rate, one product, or one insurance company.

Breinholt Insurance Group (BIG) 2 Objectives:

1. Big on Details:

  • Be detail oriented, efficient, and specifc.
    Customize each policy to the needs & desires of each client.

2. Big on Service:

  • Be available and ready to serve.
    Provide the most competitive products & carriers available.

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Breinholt Insurance Group

Breinholt Insurance Group

4115 E. Valley Auto Dr. #205
Mesa, AZ 85206
Main office: 480-237-2050
Fax: 480-320-4516

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I've had a business here in Arizona for the past 5 years and have dealt with a couple of insurance agencies. Out of the couple of agencies and agents that I have used, Craig Breinholt has been the most hard working and dedicated individual that I have dealt with yet. Craig is aggressive with his quotes, and genuinely wants what's best for me and my company. I would recommend Breinholt Insurance to anyone.

Sean T.
Craig wrote a worker's comp policy for my small business. I work in a high-risk industry and Craig was the only agent I called who was both willing and capable of navigating all the issues for me and my business to be properly protected. I have since found both he and his staff to be kind, knowledgeable and responsive. Highly recommend.

Jason J.
Extremely responsive and professional. Quotes received quickly and beat my current rates and coverage in all categories. Highly recommend.

James M.